Saturday, April 14, 2012


I hate saying goodbye, really. But I believe that goodbyes are just the beginning of a new start. I'm gonna update this blog once in a while if I got a chance. I'm leaving blogger. But not blogging. I'm transferring my blog to wordpress. To all the readers who read or still reading this blog, thank you. And I hope I'll see you on my new blog. See you loves here:

And I'll leave a song for all of you! Though this isn't a goodbye song. Hahaha. 'Cuase I'm not totally leaving, I'll see you guys in my new blog right? This song was stuck on my head since last week! Hahaha. Ass Back Home by Glam Class Heroes. Enjoy :)

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You need to get this now! Internet phone made better with FREE FB, chat, and Twitter with #SmartNet!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Music is Immortality

Last friday, I went to Symphony Tower for the Music is immortality concert. And I felt so blessed and happy because I finally met Elmo Magalona! He's so handsome. :"">

If you want to read about my experience that day. Read this.

And here's Elmo's performance at Symphony Tower for Music is Immortality concert.

He sang his first single Three Star And The Son. He's so gwapo while performing. I fell like fainting. Choss. Hope to meet him again! :))

Have a great Monday.
love, Kath.

Closing Time

It is graduation time! I don't like the feeling of leaving. Yeah, I hate goodbyes. Who doesn't? Haha. But the feeling that you are graduating. It is something bittersweet. You love it but then, you will hate it, for me, I guess. But for those who will ask me if I will be graduating this year. Nope. I'm still second year college student. Hahaha. 

I just feel like posting something graduation related. Because some of my senior friends is graduating this coming April. I'm so happy for them but still I'm sad because they're leaving. :( I will surely miss them. And because of this graduation related post. I would like to share this bittersweet song by Semisonic, Closing Time.

And who wouldn't know this song? This is the theme song of Friends with Benefits! I so love that movie. 

Hope you enjoy this song, as much as I enjoyed this. Haha.

Congrats 2012 graduates!

I will post Elmo's performance in Music is Immortality concert, later.
love, Kath.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

You're the one I love.

Last monday I went to PUP-COC theater for We Are One concert of MoversNMotions. And my bestfriend was part of it. It was a great concert! Great choreo, moves and dancers. And the best part, for me, was Love On Top part. It was really great. Or it just the dancers. Lol! One of the dancers was so handsome. And I like boys who dance well, fyi!!

Unfortunately, I still don't have pictures of the concert so I can't blog about it. And I still don't have the copy of the video either. So, here's the song Love On Top by Beyonce.

Enjoy listening. And btw, do you guys also like boys who dance well, like I do?
love, Kath.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

So much stronger

Again, here's a song for you guys to listen. Haha. I don't have anything to blog! So i guess, I'll make this blog my "song blog". What do you think guys? Hmmm.

Anyway, because this is a new beginning for this blog. Hahaha. Here's Krissy and Erika's song, 12:51.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

If you let me... I'll take care of you.

I can't get this song out of my head since Sunday! Why? First, it was sang by Elmo Magalona at Party Pilipinas. Second, Elmo was so awesome while singing this. And of course, he's always handsome. Third, he sang this with Julie Anne San Jose. And last, ahm... I just want to take care of someone. If he just let me. A big choss! The lyrics really hits me. So, yeah. Hahaha.

I can't search the video of Elmo singing this song :( 

So here's the video with lyrics of Take Care by Drake ft Rihanna.

Sorry for the video :(

Good night, loves.
love, Kath