Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alumni Forum 2012: in the Spectrum of Studying Life

The Biology Majors Alliance of the Philippines held an Alumni Forum at the Estrada Hall of the Philippine General Hospital, today, January 28, 2012. Biology Majors Alliance of the Philippines or BMAP invited some of the Biology Majors student from different university to participate the event. And I'm so lucky to be part of it!

Estrada Hall of Philippine General Hospital.

Hosts of the program. They're from UST (girl) and Adamson (boy)

BMAP invited also 6 speakers for the event.
First Speaker was Mr. Manual Delfin Jr. graduated from UP Manila. Now a Microbiologist.
Next was Dr. Winlove Mojica, a Dermatologist.

After the discussion, interview and question and answer for the first batch of speakers, two guys from UP Manila did some intermission number. (I can't remember their names!)

Second batch of speakers were Mr. Vhon Garcia graduated from UST. He's featured/guest host to  one of the segment of Born to be Wild, GMA. And Dr. Rosario Rubite from UP Manila. Researcher, named after the flower, Begonia Rubite.

Last batch of speakers were both from UST, Mr. Nikki Dagamac and Mr. John Danvic Rosadiño. 

I learned a lot from this event. Some questions on my mind, answered. Doubts about what I am after I'll graduate on my course, BS Bio, were cleared. I learned new study habits. And I learned to pursue what I really want and God's wants me to be.

As Mr. Nikki said, "Success is for those who believes in the power of their dreams." and "May humps dyan, madadapa ka pero huwag mong hayaang gumulong ka. Tumayo ka para hindi ka gumulong."
After we learned so much from the speakers, we had a little game "Pinoy Henyo".
All participated university needs to join the game. Unfortunately, we (PUP) didn't won. Participants of FEU won. But it was fun game.

Giving of certificates to the speakers.

And lastly, the people behind this successful event, BMAP officers.

Thank you BMAP organizer, officers and our school Vice-President External for this wonderful experience. 

This was my first blog. Hope you like it guys!

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