Monday, March 19, 2012

Closing Time

It is graduation time! I don't like the feeling of leaving. Yeah, I hate goodbyes. Who doesn't? Haha. But the feeling that you are graduating. It is something bittersweet. You love it but then, you will hate it, for me, I guess. But for those who will ask me if I will be graduating this year. Nope. I'm still second year college student. Hahaha. 

I just feel like posting something graduation related. Because some of my senior friends is graduating this coming April. I'm so happy for them but still I'm sad because they're leaving. :( I will surely miss them. And because of this graduation related post. I would like to share this bittersweet song by Semisonic, Closing Time.

And who wouldn't know this song? This is the theme song of Friends with Benefits! I so love that movie. 

Hope you enjoy this song, as much as I enjoyed this. Haha.

Congrats 2012 graduates!

I will post Elmo's performance in Music is Immortality concert, later.
love, Kath.

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