Saturday, March 10, 2012

So much stronger

Again, here's a song for you guys to listen. Haha. I don't have anything to blog! So i guess, I'll make this blog my "song blog". What do you think guys? Hmmm.

Anyway, because this is a new beginning for this blog. Hahaha. Here's Krissy and Erika's song, 12:51.

This is a song about moving on. I've been through that times before. And I admit it was hard. It was really hard.  And the only thing that makes me feel better is a song. And how I wish this song was released on that time! Choss. Haha. 

After this pace of my life I felt I became stronger. So much stronger. So to those girls or boys who's in this pace of their life. Listen to this and you will feel better. I promised. Hahaha. Always remember, this too shall pass.

Keep smiling.
love, Kath.

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