Friday, February 10, 2012

Bio Week - Day 1

Bio Week was so fun and awesome as I expected it to be! Tough it only lasted for three days. Thank you Lord. Of course, there are things that didn't turn out good but it was still fun. So because, I didn't update for four days, I have lots of kwento!! And I have lots of picture to tell the story itself. 

The parade.

Angie Lou and I, holding the tarp of bio week.

Agroforestry tarp. Bio 2-1.

General Assembly.

Opening Remarks of General Assembly. SBS president.

The hosts. 


Cutting of ribbon. Chair person, Mrs. Alvarez.

Bio 1-1, Lotic Ecosystem

Bio 1-2, Estuaries

Bio 2-1, Agroforestry

Bio 2-2, Technoecosystem

Bio 3-1, Open Ocean

Bio 3-2, Lentic

Bio 4-1, Human Ecosystem

Bio 4-2, Agrolanscape
During the exhibit. (L-R) Syd, Green, Ken, me and Bjon.
Board games.

Game of the Generals
Happy faces.
My girlfriends

With Kuya Kelvin

Pedicab ride with Syd and James
We went home around 8. I'm so tired but happy. My poor skin was burnt under the sun because of the parade. :(

Day 2, coming up. Enjoy the rest of the day loves.
Love, Kath.

The photos are not mine. Credits to my Prof and Kuya Kelvin

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