Friday, February 10, 2012

Bio Week - Day 3

Last Day of Bio Week was the most awesome day of Bio Week! Tough I'm super kaduper late on photography seminar, I still able to listen to the speaker for the last minute. Haha.

Photography seminar.

Mr. and Ms. Biology 2012

The audience.

Can you spot me? Hehehe

Best part of Bio week. The Sky Lantern Fest. It was so lovely.

The Epic Sky Lantern Fest.
I got so emotional because of this! It was so lovely, it really amazed me. I'm just staring at them in the sky the whole time. It was like just seeing them makes you so relieved. It makes you worry free. All of your tiredness can make them go. Best Bio Week, so far!! 

Thank you for the SBS officers and profs that made this event possible.

I hope the lanterns made you guys amazed as I am, just by seeing them here on my entry. Back to reality tomorrow. Hello paper works and exams. I hope you had a great day today, loves.
Love, Kath.

Some photos are mine. Some are not. Credits to the owner.

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