Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Did Today

I have a 7:30 am class earlier but I woke up exactly 7:30, so definitely I'm late. I got to school around 10, and my Physics prof started to discuss again the subject matter for the "Angry Birds". Lol! She called us "Angry Bird" because we're late, and "Early Birds" for the early comers. I don't know why "Angry Birds". Hahaha. Going back, we're only 16 students for the second batch. And I'm really sleepy so I decided to do a "therapy". Hahaha.

That's my therapy. Drawing things that are nonsense. Hahaha. My friends and I have different kinds of therapy. Some will listen to music. And some will stare at something. If one of us will not talk and do something in his/her own world, that's what we call "therapy" Hahaha :))

During my English class, I did some therapy too. But I don't have a high quality photo. :( 

I know, the pictures are all crappy. :( This day was my therapy day. I love Superman that's why I drew logo of Superman. Hehe. And yes, I believe that Elmo Magalona is my own version of Superman. Choss. 

"Jesus is my Superman. He always saves my day."

Belated Happy Valentine's Day, loves.
Love, Kath.

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