Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cracked Nails

I'm doing this "nail blog" on my Tumblr for a while now. But since I'm starting  to love blogger, I'll post my "nail blog" here instead. So here is my first "nail blog". Hope you like it guys!

Yeah, I know the photos are low quality. I don't have high quality camera. And the only camera that I have was dead. Poor me. I just toke that photos on my tab via vignette app. So please bear with that. 

My hand looks so strange. Hahaha. But just don't mind it, I just want you guys to show my nails!

Because I don't have time to make a nail art, I just asked my sister to buy me cracked nail polish instead. Put some white or any color nail polish first before putting the cracked nail polish for better result.

If you love my nails, just buy some cracked nail polish and nailed everyone. Lol! Hahaha. 

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